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BOYCOTT IMPACT STATEMENT – TARGET: The Price of Freedom (Pirates of the Caribbean) by A.C. Crispin


Date Current Rank Lifetime Average Worst Rank
8/13/2011 101,351 2,353,118 10,051,407


Rank Copies Sold/day
1 3000
10 650
100 100
1000 13
10,000 2.2 (11 copies every 5 days)
100,000 0.2 (1 copy every 5 days)
1,000,000 0.006 (3 copies every 500 days)
2,000,000 0.0001 (1 copy every 1000 days)


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Ann “A.C.” Crispin Boycotted Books

Ann “A.C.” Crispin

Boycotted Books





Bad Reviews

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom A.C. Crispin Disney Editions eBook May 17, 2011
Sarek (Star Trek: The Original Series) A.C. Crispin Star Trek July 27, 1999
Star Trek: Signature Edition: Sand and Stars (Star Trek (Unnumbered Paperback)) Diane Duane Star Trek December 7, 2004
V: The Original Miniseries A. C. Crispin Tor Books April 1, 2010
Rebel Dawn (Star Wars: The Han Solo Trilogy, Book 3) A.C. Crispin Spectra March 9, 1998
The Paradise Snare (Star Wars, The Han Solo Trilogy #1) (Book 1) A.C. Crispin Bantam Books May 5, 1997
The Hutt Gambit (Star Wars: The Han Solo Trilogy, Vol. 2) A.C. Crispin Spectra August 11, 1997
Star Wars the Han Solo Trilogy (Star Wars) A C Crispin N.A. N.A.
Yesterday’s Son (Star Trek, 11) A.C. Crispin Star Trek September 22, 2000
Time For Yesterday (Star Trek: The Original Series) A.C. Crispin Star Trek September 22, 2000
Tales Of Zorro Jan Adkins Moonstone September 16, 2008
V: East Coast Crisis Howard Weinstein Pinnacle Books September 1, 1984
Starbridge 7: Voices of Chaos (Starbridge Series) A. C. Crispin Ace March 1, 1998
Silent Dances (Starbridge, Book 2) A. C. Crispin Ace July 1, 1990
StarBridge 6: Ancestor’s World (Crispin, A. C., King, T. Jackson, Starbridge 6.) A. C. Crispin Ace July 1, 1996
Starbridge 3: shadow World (Starbridge, Book 3) A. C. Crispin Ace January 1, 1991
Starbridge 5: Silent Songs (Starbridge, Book 5) A. C. Crispin Ace June 1, 1994
Starbridge A. C. Crispin Ace September 1, 1989
Serpent’s Gift (Starbridge, Book 4) A. C. Crispin Ace May 1, 1992
V Kenneth Johnson Pinnacle Books (Mm) May 1, 1984
Alien: Resurrection – The Novelization A. C. Crispin Aspect December 1, 1997
V: Death Tide A. C. Crispin Pinnacle Books June 1, 1985
Gryphon’s Eyrie Andre Norton Tor Books November 1, 1984
Songsmith: A Witch World Novel (Tor Fantasy) Andre Norton Tor Books May 1, 1992
Yesterday’s Son: Star Trek Novel A. C. Crispin Pocket Books N.A.
The Eyes of the Beholders (Star Trek: The Next Generation, No. 13) A.C. Crispin Star Trek September 1, 1990
Storms of Destiny: The Exiles of Boq’urain A. C. Crispin Eos August 1, 2005
Star Trek – Enter the Wolves A. C. Crispin DC Comics April 1, 2001
Star Wars: The Han Solo Omnibus: The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn (AU Star Wars) A.C. Crispin Random House Audio March 7, 2000
The Paradise Gambit (The Hans Solo Trilogy, Volume One, Two, Three) A.C. Crispin Bantam Spectra N.A.
Rebel Dawn (Star Wars) A C Crispin Bantam April 2, 1998
Magic in Ithkar 3 (Franklin) Robert Adams Tor Books September 1, 1989
Sylvester A. C. Crispin Tom Doherty Assoc Llc March 1, 1985
THE ULTIMATE WEREWOLF: Unleashed; The Werewolf Gambit; Day of the Wolf; South of Oregon City; Pure Silver; Special Makeup; The Mark of the Beast; Raymond; Full Moon Over Moscow; At War with the Wolf Man; Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans Byron; Keller, David; Miller, Megan (editors) (Nina Kiriki Hoffman; Harlan Ellison; Robert Silverberg; Craig Shaw Gardner; Pat Murphy; Kathleen O’Malley; Kevin J. Anderson; Kim Antieau; Stuart A. Kaminsky; Nancy A. Collins; A. C. Crispin) Preiss Dell Books N.A.
Star Wars Han Solo Trilogy Vol. One, Two & Three A.C.Crispin Bantam Books N.A.
Star Wars Han Solo Trilogy – The Paradise Snare, the Hutt Gambit, and Rebel Dawn A. C. Crispin bantam N.A.
Ancestor’s World, a Novel of StarBridge A. C. (Ann) & T. Jackson King Crispin Ace N.A.
3 STAR TREK paperback book set: #10 WEB OF THE ROMULANS / #11 YESTERDAY’S SON / and #12 MUTINY ON THE ENTERPRISE (Pocket Books, Numbered Series) M. S.; Crispin, A.C.; Vardeman, Robert E. Star Trek authors; Murdock Star Trek September 15, 1989
Star Wars: the Han Solo Trilogy A.C. Crispin Unknown N.A.
Yesterday’s Son: a Star Trek Novel A.C. Crispin Pocket January 1, 1983
Star Trek Next Generation, 3 Volumes: Metamorphosis, Eyes of the Beholders, Blaze of Glory (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #13, 34 and un-numbered) A.C. Crispin, Jean Lorrah Simon Hawke Pocketbooks N.A.
Gryphon’s Eyrie Andre And A.C. Crispin & Boris Vallejo Norton TOR January 1, 1984
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 21 – 1989: The Catcher; And Now There Is No Place to Look; Some May Wonder; Realization; Hidra; Night and the Rain; The Halloween Party; Lament to Her Child; Conjure Woman; Night’s White Lady; Serial Killer Plans Ahead; The Keeper Crispin (editor) (Leonard Carpenter; Gary A. Braunbeck; A. R. Morlan; Arthur W. L. Breach; K. J. Ramsland; Lisa Lepovetsky; James Anderson; Bernadette Bosky; Ardath Mayhar; Juleen Brantingham; John Gray; William C. Rasmussen; Bentley Little) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
The Eyes of the Beholders (Star Trek, The Next Generation Ser., No. 13) A. C.; Stern, David (editor) Crispin New York, NY, U.S.A.: Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books N.A.
PARADISE SNARE THE 24C FLR A.C. Crispin Bantam May 5, 1997
Yesterdays Son A. C. Crispin Pocket Bk / Timescape # 47315-8 January 1, 1983
Die Augen der Betrachter – The Eyes of the Beholders – Die Nachste Generation A.C. Crispin Simon and Schuster N.A.
Sarek (Star Trek) A. C. Crispin Pan N.A.
Star Trek : The Next Generation BOXED SET (In Shrink Wrap) (#14 Exiles / #13 The Eyes of The Beholders / #12 Doomsday / #11 Gulliver’s Fugitives) Howard Weinstein Pocket Books N.A.
Lot of 2 Star Trek Hardback Books (Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock ~ Yesterday’s Son) A C Crispin Pocket N.A.
Star Wars Han Solo Trilogy: The Paradise Snare, the Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn A.C. Crispin Bantam Spectra N.A.
Star Trek the Eyes of the Beholders #13 A. C. Crispin Titan Books N.A.
The Paradise Snare (Star Wars – The Hans Solo Trilogy Volume 2) A.C. Crispin Bantam Books N.A.
Star Trek Novel, The New: Yeasterdays Son A. C. Crispin Pocket N.A.
Starbridge #4 Serpant’s Gift A.C. With Marshall, Deborah Crispin Ace N.A.
La Maniobra Hutt (La Guerra de las Galaxias: Trilogia De Han Solo: Volume 2 ) A.C. Crispin Ediciones Martinez Roca S.A. N.A.
BEST SF (2) Two: The Altar at Midnight; Hobson’s Choice; Outside; Angel’s Egg; P Edmund (editor) (C. M. Kornbluth; Alfred Bester; Brian W. Aldiss; Edgar Crispin Faber and Faber, London January 1, 1968
Star Trek Sarek A. C. Crispin Audioworks January 1, 1994
Alien Resurrection A.C. & Oímalley, Kathleen Crispin Warner Paperback, 1997, N.A.
Star Wars. Der Pilot. Die Han Solo- Trilogie 1. Ann C. Crispin Heyne July 1, 2002
Star Trek Sarek (Chivers Sound Library # 360 Complete & Unabridged on 10 Cassettes) A.C. Crispin Chivers North America N.A.
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, March 1953 Ellery; Cornell Woolrich; E. C. Bentley; F. Scott Fitzgerald; James Hilton; L. J. Beeston; Thomas Flanagan; Allan Vaughan Elston; T. S. Stribling; Edmund Crispin Queen Davis N.A.
Star Wars. Der König der Schmuggler. Die Han Solo- Triologie 3. Anne C. Crispin Heyne April 1, 2000
Star Bridge Book Three: Shadow World A. C. (Ann) & Kathleen O’Malley Crispin Ace N.A.
Silent Dances: Star Bridge Book Two; Where Alien Contact is More Than Just a Job, It’s the Future A.C.; O’Malley, Kathleen Crispin Ace Books N.A.
Philippine mass communication: (a mini-history) Crispin C Maslog New Day Publishers N.A.
The Exiles of Boq’urain: Storms of Destiny A.C. Crispin Eos N.A.
SW: THE HUTT GAMBIT 24-C FL A.C. Crispin Bantam August 11, 1997
Les visiteurs CRISPIN A.C N.A. N.A.
Star Trek Sarek A. C. Crispin Pocket Books N.A.
Yesterday’s Son-Star Trek #11 A C Crispin Pocket Books N.A.
Eldritch Tales #8 (2.2) (1982) Crispin (ed.); Steve Rasnic Tem, Thomas Egan, Janet Fox, Peter Cannon, Ben Indick, Stephanie Stearns, Janet Fox, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Steve Eng, Frederick J. Mayer, Joey Froehlich, Donald Burnham House of Usher N.A.
STAR WARS ‘I’ 12C PREPACK A.C. Crispin Bantam February 24, 1999
Norwescon 19 A.C.Crispin Northwest Science Fiction Society N.A.
SILENT SONGS BOOK FIVE: STARBRIDGE A.C. And O’Malley Kathleen Crispin Ace Books N.A.
Alien, la résurrection A. C. (Ann C.) Crispin J’ai lu January 4, 1999
East Coast Crisis Howard Weinstein and A.c Crispin NEW ENGLISH LIB N.A.
Les Visiteurs A.C. Crispin Presses de la Cité/Libre Expression N.A.
serpant’s Gift A. C. with Marshall, Deborah Crispin Ace N.A.
Ellery Queen’s Sixteenth Mystery Annual Ellery; Dashiell Hammett; Hal Ellson; Anthony Boucher; Frances and Richard Lockridge; Avram Davidson; Henry Slesar; Norman Daniels; Edmund Crispin; Arthur C. Clarke Queen Popular Library N.A.
Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien 4: Resurrection A. C. & Whedon, Joss Foster Alan Dean & Crispin N.A. N.A.
Star Wars. Der Gejagte. Die Han Solo- Trilogie, Band 2. Ann C. Crispin Heyne December 1, 1999
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 15 – 1988: Wild Garlic; Beth; The Vengeance of Anson; Psycho Carnival; The Last Decision; Eldritch Eye; Log of the Research Vessel Halloween II; Place of Worship; The Ring; Spheres; Innocence Crispin (editor) (William F. Wu; David B. Silva; Jeffrey Goddin; Steve Eng; Richard L. Tierney; Gary A. Braunbeck; R. L. Leming; G. Wayne Miller; David C. Kopaska-Merkel; Arthur William Lloyd Breach; Karen Oswald) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
Star Wars Hans Solo Triology:-Paradise Snare/Hutt Gambit/Rebel Dawn (Mass Market Paperback) A.C. Crispin N.A. N.A.
Starbridge box set of 3: (Book 2) Silent Dances; (Book 3) Shadow World; (Book 4) Serpent’s Gift (Starbridge) A. C. Crispin Ace Books N.A.
ELDRITCH TALES 13 – a Magazine in the Weird Tales Tradition Vol 4 No 1 Crispin Burnham (editor) Don Herron, Ardath Mayhar, Steve Rasnic Tem, Joe R. Lansdale, Billy Wolfenbarger, Steve Eng, Randall Larson, Mollie Burleson, Phillip C. Heath, David Silva, Gary William Crawford, Elizabeth Engstrom, Charles B Eldritch Tales Yith Press N.A.
East Coast Crisis Howard Weinstein Firecrest Pub. May 8, 1985
Han Solo Trilogy 3 Volumes A C Crispin BANTAM BOOKS N.A.
V: The Original Miniseries (Mass Market Paperback) Kenneth Johnson (Author) A. C. Crispin (Author) N.A. N.A.
Yesterdays Saga (Star Trek #11 : The Yesterday Saga, Book 1) A.C. Crispin Pocket Books January 1, 1983
The Paradise Snare; The Hutt Gambit; Rebel Dawn. (Star Wars The Han Solo Trilogy) A.C. Crispin Bantam Books/Spectra N.A.
Starbridge No. 2 : Silent Dances A. C. Crispin Mississauga, ON, Canada: Putnam Berkley, 1990 N.A.
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 18 – 1989: I Can’t Quite Remember; In the Great Milk White Eye of God; Crazed Cavorting; A Rose in the Garden of the Moon; Orchestra; And I Am Here Fighting with Ghosts; Ashtaroth; Ice Dreams; One Who Became One’s Lover; A Thousand Crispin (editor) (Andrew Darlington; A. R. Morlan; Steve Eng; Ken Wisman; Denise Dumars; Bentley Little; Thomas M. Egan; William C. Rasmussen; Frederick J. Meyer; Robert M. Price; Gary A. Braunbeck; Don Webb; Joseph A. Ezzo; Robert R. Medcalf) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 14 – 1987: Starry Coping; Where Does Watson Road Go; You Can’t Take It With You; Deathstroke; Call Me Fearful; The Eldritch Eye; The Technique; The Horseman; Eric and the Red Blotches; The Halls of Doom; The Seed; Shadow Crispin (editor) (J. N. Williamson; William Relling; C. J. Henderson; James Anderson; Donald Franson; Gary A. Braunbeck; Chris Lacher; Sam Gafford; C. Bruce Hunter; Herbert Jerry Baker; Roy Schneider; Charles L. Baker) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
The Eyes of the Beholders (star trek the next generation) a. c. crispin pocket N.A.
V – A Bundle 10 “V” Books Tim Sullivan, Allen Wold, Proctor, Weinstein, Crispin, Marshall, Sucharitkul A.C. Crispin Pinnacle N.A.
ELLERY QUEEN’S SIXTEENTH (16th) MYSTERY ANNUAL: The Scent of Murder; Too Clever for Scotland Yard; Beidenbauer’s Flea; Who Wants to be a Dead Hero; Easy Money; Family Affair; The Back Stairway; The Symbolic Logic of Murder; The Town That Will Never Forget Ellery (editor) (Frances Lockridge; Richard Lockridge; Edmund Crispin; Stanley Ellin; Hugh Pentecost; Evan Hunter; Margery Allingham; Hal Ellson; John Reese; Norman Daniels; Arthur C. Clarke; Esther Wagner; Don Knowlton; Henry Slesar; Jacob Hay) Queen Popular Library N.A.
Gryphon’s Eyrie: Witch World Saga of the Gryphon Andre; Crispin, A.C. Norton Tor Books N.A.
Star Trek Sarex (Chivers Sound Library # 360 Complete & Unabridged on 10 Cassettes) A.C. Crispin Chivers North America N.A.
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 13 – 1987: That Thing in There; The Eye of Klagg; Wake; Dead in the West; Deity; Blood of the Lamb; Halloween in Arkham; Forays into Derleth Country; From Out of the Past; Home for Dinner; Jennifer’s Island; The Man Who Collected Crispin (editor) (Ardath Mayhar; Donald Broyles; Steve Rasnic Tem; Joe R. Lansdale; Patricia Scarlett; Rickey L. Shanklin; J. J. Travis; Steve Eng; Randall D. Larson; Mollie L. Burleson; B. F. Watkinson; Phillip C. Heath; Charles L. Baker) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
ELDRITCH TALES – Issue 19 – 1989: Dream Dream; The Artifacts from Quivira; Dead Things on Barrington Road; Eldritch Eye; Night Passing; Bookstore Browsing; A Pulsing Darkness; There’s Something Tryin’ to Get Out; Adelina the Betrayed; No Room; Dream Gaunt Crispin (editor) (Dean Allen Schreck; Ross F. Bagby; Wayne Allen Sallee; Gary A. Braunbeck; Kristin Kirby; William C. Rasmussen; Will Johnson; Joseph T. Straub; Jack Shadoian; Bill Hopkins; Lewis Sanders; Thomas O’Conner; Don D’Ammassa) Burnham Crispin Burnham N.A.
Shadow World A.C.; Elliott, Jannean Crispin Ace Books N.A.

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