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Victoria Strauss

Boycotted Books





Bad Reviews

The Garden of the Stone Victoria Strauss Phoenix Pick February 21, 2011
The Arm of the Stone Victoria Strauss Phoenix Pick January 24, 2011
The Burning Land Victoria Strauss Eos December 1, 2004
Awakened City Victoria Strauss Eos May 1, 2007
Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature #1.1 (Spring 2001) John (ed.); Michael Moorcock, Karl Edward Wagner, Charles de Lint, Jeffrey Ford, Richard Parks, Rich Horton, Victoria Strauss, Paul J. McAuley, Mark Sumner, Todd Ruthman, Charlene Brusso, Jef O’Neill New Epoch Press N.A.
The lady of Rhuddesmere Victoria Strauss F. Warne N.A.
Black Gate Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring, 2001: Wingless Angels Michael Moorcock New Epoch Press, Inc. January 1, 2001
Guardian of the Hills Victoria Strauss HarperCollins Publishers October 1, 1995
Worldstone (Signet AE4756) Victoria Strauss New American Library March 3, 1987

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